Selecting and Using a Toaster Oven

If you’re like me, then you’ve used a toaster for a bunch of items; baguettes, frozen waffles, English muffins and Pop Tarts. But things changed when I bought a toaster oven. Of course, unlike regular toasters, the best toaster oven will cook; pizzas, bake your cookies, broil meats and even handle larger baked foods. After doing some research, I chose the best toaster oven for my personal needs and the space that I wanted to place it in.

Basically, there are a couple of toaster oven varieties. First, there’s the counter-top model that will obviously take up space on your counter. Then, you have the type of toaster oven that will mount under one of your kitchen cabinets. You can choose your new toaster oven based on the size and variety of food items that can be cooked, with an eye on the power levels that the toaster oven can supply.

One of the biggest concerns, when choosing your toaster oven is the size of its footprint on your counter if choosing a counter-top model. Some of the smaller toaster ovens can be 15″ by 8″ and some of the larger ones can be over 20 inches in length. You can also find some toaster ovens that feature a curved back that is designed to help you fit in a pizza while saving you some of your counter space. Just remember, the smaller capacity toaster ovens may not accommodate everything that you’d like to prepare.

Some of the things that you can use a toaster oven for, that you wouldn’t be able to do with just a regular oven, will include having more control over your broiling. That’s because the toaster oven is at a height that makes it easier to see through the glass and check the progress of your cooking. You’ll even have an extra bonus when it comes to the lesser amount of energy that you’ll use for cooking.

Also, if you’re making a turkey in your main oven, one of the best toaster oven uses will be the cooking of your turkey’s stuffing or other side dishes. If you have a couple of friends over, a toaster oven is perfect for making a smaller batch of cookies or some other type of baked snack.

And finally, the best toaster oven use can be as an alternative to a microwave oven. That’s because a microwave can sometimes dry out certain dishes, while a toaster oven wouldn’t. Like most kitchen appliances, the longer you have a toaster oven, the more uses you can think up.